5 Campus Marketing Opportunities Every Fall

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The fall semester is a very exciting time on college campuses.  The freshman are new on campus and the upper-classmen are rested from summer and glad to be back with their friends.  It makes the fall semester a very fun and event-filled time.  Football games and other annual events are exactly what the students are looking for when returning to, or arriving on campus.  For companies and brands looking to reach college students, this means one thing:  opportunities.  Here are 5 campus marketing opportunities every fall:

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  1. Welcome week – The first week is always a fun time on campus.  Classes have yet to really pick up and everyone is out and about looking for something to do.  This is a great time to access students before they start heading to the library every day.
  1. Parent’s weekend – Every school it seems has a parent’s weekend in the fall to help the freshman adjust.  There will be plenty of activities planned, and therefore plenty of opportunities to get involved.
  1. Football games – At many schools, the fall is synonymous with football, whether their team is good or bad, big or small.  Football games are events for students.  Piggyback on their school pride and you should fit in perfectly at that tailgate.
  1. Homecoming week – Of course every football team will have a homecoming game, and subsequently a homecoming week.  This week is full of spirit-boosting events around campus.  Sponsoring or throwing an event this week will surely attract a lot of eyes.
  1. Mid-term & Finals week – These weeks tend to be less fun for students.  Nonetheless, if your company or brand can make the lives of these stressed out students easier, they will be more than willing to listen.

The fall semester is an electric time on any campus.  It’s also a time when students get out, get involved, and are very accessible.  Marketing on campus during these times can make the fall exciting for your company as well.