Behind the Scenes of Bonfyre: Intern/Ambassador Perspective

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This year, Apple celebrated its 25 billionth app release. To just say that’s quite a few apps is like saying Rickie Henderson just stole a few bases, Wilt Chamberlin just scored a few points, and Lady Gaga just sold a few records. Even if you added all that up, you would still miss Apple’s milestone by a hefty amount. With so many apps you would think making an app (and bringing it to market) is as easy as rolling out of bed at noon everyday. Well I must say through my experience I have found that not be to the case whatsoever.

This year I got the opportunity to be an Ambassador and Summer Intern for Bonfyre, which is just one of the many new St. Louis start-ups that are taking the city by storm. It started as an interest in a new app that was starting to overtake campus, but was then coupled with an Ambassador opening and good connection. By the time I knew it, I had an interview and was officially an Ambassador.

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