Branding: It’s an Evolution

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Brand consistency? Does such a thing exist? Typically the amount of times a brand image has changed can be counted on one hand. Or in some cases the changes are so small the majority of consumers don’t necessarily recognize a change has been made. Or at least when they notice they aren’t offended.

Yes, there are cases in which branding has become news. Like when the GAP decided to (or not) make changes to its iconic logo.

Most branding conversations are relegated to discussing how the Starbucks siren has changed over the years, but have you ever stopped to think, “How has Batman updated his brand over the last 60+ years?” I never had either until I came across this amazing article on Fast Co. Design. The Batman logo has been updated upwards of 30 times over the years. Take a look at this great infographic that Cathryn Lauer from Calm the Ham created and is featured on Fast Co. Design. What is your favorite? Mine isn’t Batman & Robin.