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You are a few steps away from completing your application to join the Bonfyre team. Please take a few minutes to read through the information below and hear directly from some of our Student Ambassadors about their experiences.  If you’re ready to apply now, please go straight to our application form at the end of the page below!

Bonfyre is a platform to privately plan and remember your best experiences with your friends. Bonfyre operates primarily from its iPhone and Android mobile applications, but has a robust website in the works.

A place to share experiences without fear
Sharing that mimics real life; don’t worry about sharing with “friends”… and their “friends.” It’s a simple solution to a complex problem.

Relevant. 100%.
Only the events and memories you care about. No crowded news feeds with thousands of people talking at once about things that don’t matter.

Simple. Fast. Complete.
Instantly create an event and capture your moments with the people who made them memorable. Have all of your adventures in one place.

We are excited to build upon our successful beta launch in 2011 and want you to be at the heart of taking Bonfyre nationwide.

Description & Objectives

Ambassadors are social, creative, smart, trusted, personable and tech-savvy students who organize as a team around one key goal: to enhance the college experience. They are adept at challenging the status quo through their influence and networks on campus.  Specifically, you will collaborate as a team to develop and implement a campaign increase awareness, education and adoption of Bonfyre at your school. Perhaps most importantly, you are our greatest asset for capturing feedback that can help shape the development of Bonfyre.

 Core Job Responsibilities

—  Drive awareness, education and adoption of the Bonfyre app on campus
—  Use Bonfyre regularly by integrating features and benefits into daily college lifestyle
—  Demonstrate expert product knowledge including brand messaging and key value propositions
—  Develop and execute marketing tactics including word-of-mouth, event promotion, guerilla marketing, student group outreach and partnerships, social media support and more
—  Pitch on-campus media outlets and publications for coverage
—  Encourage, compile and report student feedback from friends and peers
—  Coordinate daily with campus team and Campus Project Manager

We’re Looking For Students Who Are…

—  Passionate about technology and mobile apps; iPhone or Android smartphone user (required)
—  Frequent content sharers and producers
—  Active participants in student life, deep knowledge of campus events and promotions
—  Social media fiends
—  Excited about joining a small, growing company
—  Team players who demonstrate passion and dedication to our product and mission
—  Charismatic, motivated and possess a strong work ethic
—  Multi-taskers who can balance academic, social and professional priorities
—  Punctual and professional
—  Intuitive, critical thinker and problem solver
—  Strong networkers and excellent communicators


Compensation varies from campus to campus, but is a combination of base pay and aggressive goal-based bonus pay. Please contact us for more details. 

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