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Off Campus Media prides itself on helping clients and their brands reach out and connect with college students. I recently found an insightful article written on HuffintonPost about some common misconceptions regarding marketing approaches towards this specific group of people. Leah Bell, president and co-founder of UQ marketing explains that college students have interests that are constantly evolving with the new trends that come and go. Therefore it is important to have specific strategies in place to engage these students and pique their interest.

Bell explains that although marketing your brand online and through digital media is important, equally as effective is word of mouth. College students spend a great deal of their time socializing, especially about products and places they love. If brands can find one consumer who loves their product, growth will ensue as he or she talks about it to their friends. Eventually, the popularity of the product will grow and results will be seen.

Another important aspect that can really help brands reach out to this group of consumers is a campus ambassador. Just like word of mouth, if a student is really passionate about a product, he or she will spread the word in their institution and promote it in a positive way. This can in turn lead to much more growth and a stronger relationship between seller and consumer.

Lastly, Bell proposes another suggestion that I had not thought of before. College students like giving back, and are drawn to companies selling products that in one way or another are tied to some type of charity organization. A good example is TOMS, through their donations of shoes to those who need them, people feel as though they’re helping others by purchasing a pair. If students feel as though companies care about those In need, it is more likely they will be drawn to the cause being presented and their products.

The article points out some effective tips on how to appeal more to this type of audience. As a college student myself, I definitely see how they can lead to successful marketing planning. I thoroughly value the opinions of my friends, so if they share something they enjoy I will most likely be interested. With that thought in mind, if I really like a product and I am excited about it, I will also talk about it to anyone who will listen. College students can be a tricky group of people to appeal to, but with these helpful suggestions, brands can pave a successful path in accomplishing the task.

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