Useful Apps During Election Season

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Obama or Romney? Democrat or Republican? These are the common topics of conversation recently with young and old alike regarding the upcoming Presidential election. With such an exciting time in the world of politics, mobile and computer apps are becoming a great way to get more integrated with the latest polls, debates, and events involving the candidates and their parties. In an article released on, a list of top 11 election apps were featured that will help you, the voter, be more involved and most importantly, more informed.

Among the list, there were a few in particular that caught my eye. With so many campaign commercials being aired on television, one can’t help but wonder which groups are supporting which ads, and what their purpose is in doing so. With the app Ad Hawk , users can record the ad with their iPhones or Androids, and then get information about sponsorship, how much money was spent in making them, and where they have been aired geographically. This is helpful in figuring out what kind of message each campaign is trying to put out, and whether or not it should influence you, the voter.

For a constantly updated source of news involving both parties and the progress of the election, there is NBC Politics. Although this app is limited to Apple users who own an IPhone or IPad, it brings great insight onto the most recent and popular political events and happenings. Conveniently enough, on election night polls will be updated in real time to keep the user in the know about who is winning.

If you belong to a specific party and want to be informed about one in particular, there is an app for that too! The Obama mobile app features all of Obama’s views and plans from education to the economy. Furthermore, it includes ways to donate and view upcoming Obama events for anyone who would like to participate. Although Romney does not have an app with the same purpose, the Fox News app provides users with shows, live debates and articles with opinions and topics that will draw the interest of those in the Republican Party. Voters can hear, watch, and read all the latest information regarding Romney and his campaign.

Lastly, for those who love polls, there is PollTracker. This app provides all sorts of polls from a large variety of sources that provides awareness in regards to the nation’s opinions regarding each candidate. Constantly being updated, users can always be informed with who is being favored not only in the nation as a whole, but also by state.

With so many election apps being constantly released, it is difficult to decide which ones are for you. However, as someone who always likes being informed on the latest politically, it is exciting to see how the development of technology is helping election news be more accessible to people of all ages. Through these apps voters can make informed decisions that will hopefully ensure the successful future of our nation. Happy voting!