What is the State of Your Social Media Privacy?

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In recent years, search engine, mobile and social media companies have revolutionized marketing by using consumers’ personal information to tailor specific advertisements to them. This has helped Google and Facebook generate billions and billions of revenue year after year. But with growing concerns about identity theft and internet fraud, many people have lost their trust in these popular sites.

These sites have a tremendous capacity for extracting information about you, and they gladly do so to make a profit. Some would say that it is also beneficial to the consumer to only see ads they are likely to be interested in, but many users have begun to feel that what these companies are doing is a violation of their privacy. A recent study shows that people trust their grocery store with their personal information more than internet titans Amazon, Google and Facebook.

An infographic recently posted on mashable.com breaks down the type of data these huge companies gather, how they gather it, and how they use it. It’s very interesting to see what each company does and doesn’t do with your personal information. But it also makes you realize the power and wealth of knowledge they possess.

So, do you have concerns about your social media privacy?  Which companies have your trust and why? Take a look at the infographic below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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