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The majority of our company grew up with social media, it is was part of our college experience and we continue to not only look for the next big thing, but invent tools that improve the college experience.

Real social

“Real” social media improves your social life, it doesn’t replace it.

OCM’s Campus Ambassadors are social media savvy, content masters that provide our clients the unique opportunity to engage the college audience where it is relevant in a way that is authentic. Staying true to our mission, we do not push products or waste social capital, but rather foster dialogue that is valuable to both college students and brands.


Keeping up with the constant evolution of social media would require a national network of digital natives and first adopters looking for the next cool thing.  Fortunately for our clients that is exactly what we are.  And because we build social media resources like Bonfyre, OCM is uniquely tuned into how social media is evolving and constantly engaging our national ambassadors network to learn what produces results.

Data driven

Many talk about data but few actually develop performance metrics for every project, connect with thousands of college students and analyze social data every day.  With experts in search optimization, social media, database development, mobile development, performance metrics, interface design and a whole portfolio of monitoring and data collection tools, we measure progress and constantly refine our efforts to achieve better results.  What can we say, we are nerds at heart.

Tools to improve the college experience

We started by building web sites to improve the college experience and now reach over a million college students annually.  In 2011 we launched Bonfyre a new geo-social mobile application exclusive to college students.


  • Social Media (support and campaign development)
  • Digital Media (consulting and buying)
  • Search Marketing (advertising and optimization)
  • Micro-site development

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