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Understanding your target customer and keeping up with college trends requires more than online surveys and a Facebook page.  OCM campus marketing specialists provide clients a more complete picture by integrating  multiple data sources and staying part of the conversation with the right audience.  Learn more about our approach:

Knowing your audience

Clearly defining which of today’s sixteen million college students are your customer and which are not, is an important step to success.  OCM’s experienced team and network of market research experts and academics, distills the data down into actionable intelligence to create more relevant messages, valuable offers and compelling campaigns.

Real time

Some of the greatest influences on college students – ideas, trends and opinions – are constantly evolving and can start literally overnight. Through a combination of social media, digital media and search monitoring tools, OCM builds real-time perspective for brands to stay relevant and connected on campus.

Providing a more complete picture

Without context, a single data point can be misleading or worse.  Integrating information from our national Ambassador network, a portfolio of digital tools and our deep understanding of all things college allows our clients to succeed in the college marketplace.


  • Real time monitoring
  • Daily surveys and trend reporting
  • In depth research
  • Analysis and trend reporting
  • Research reports and white papers
  • Product / campaign review
  • Strategy consulting

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