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We are often asked what makes our college student ambassador programs unique and we thought who better to answer than the Ambassadors themselves?

Build social capital

Ambassadors can only have an impact if their peers respect them – and nobody respects a “spammer”. That’s why we develop programs in partnership with our Ambassadors – because only then can you create the value for college students that they are proud to be a part of. It’s at the core of creating relevant, powerful programs.

Know who to recruit

Just because someone is on Facebook, doesn’t mean they are a “social media expert”. We feel the same way about Ambassadors. By clearly defining objectives and audience, OCM handpicks the best Ambassador for each project.  Our extensive recruitment, interview and training process can take time, but hiring the best is always worth it.



Constant communication with our Ambassadors creates agile and adaptive programs. Leveraging our research tools and proprietary technology provides data to inform tactical decisions.  Combined, it allows for quick performance assessments, reactions to new opportunities and best-practice sharing producing superior returns for our clients.


  • Product Sampling
  • Guerrilla marketing
  • Events (production and promotion)
  • Content (creation and promotion)
  • Social Media (support and activation)

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